In 1987, Carol Waymire began as an independent representative for one company, The Wright Group, an educational publisher. In 1993, she hired an additional sales representative, Diana Dogotch, who remains with the company today. In 1994, the business was incorporated as Carol David Associates and they picked up an additional educational publishing company. In 1996, Dave Waymire, Carol’s husband, began working in the business with her and they added a third educational publishing company. In 1998, John Waymire, their son, began working in the business with his parents and they added a fourth educational publishing company. In 2000, a fifth educational publishing company was added. Also in 2005, John and Diana purchased the business from Carol and David who are now enjoying retirement. Today, we proudly represent five of the finest publishers in the industry.

In 2002, Carol David Associates was renamed The Waymire Group, and a local showroom and warehouse was built to give their customers one-stop shopping from their wide variety of publishing companies. In 2003, a fifth additional sales representative, Amy Hirasaki Moore was hired. Over time, The Waymire Group has continued with slow and steady growth by taking on additional educational publishing companies and hiring full and part-time office staff. In 2004, the Waymire Group hired Amy Mengarelli as their sixth sales representative. In 2005, Lisa Hinds (Carol and Dave’s daughter) joined the team as the seventh sales representative. Today they have eight full-time employees to service your needs.

The Waymire Group continues to be a family run business that is committed to customer service based on relationships, as well as excellent products from publishers who understand what is best for students.