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Steps to Literacy® is a family founded company comprised of a team of people who are passionate about books and dedicated to literacy. We care deeply about the impact our book selections and classroom library materials have on schools, teachers, and students.

Our Mission is to partner with educators to ignite a passion for reading. In keeping with that mission: our team of Curation Specialists are all former educators. The Curation Specialists use their expertise to create libraries and custom book bundles based on curriculum, reading levels, genre, standards, and dozens of other customizable options. Our collective vision is to provide accessible and exciting books to children so they can explore the world, cultures and themselves through reading.

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Debbie Diller

Debbie Diller, a trusted Texas educator and literacy expert with over 40 years of experience, has worked with every version of the TEKS (and related state tests) across her career! She brings her vast expertise and teaching wisdom to the brand-new offering from Steps To Literacy, Debbie Diller: More Than a Classroom Library-TEKS™.

This innovative TEKS solution is designed with the teacher in mind—offering tools to help educators understand and implement the freshly minted TEKS. Throughout her education tenure, Debbie has held the positions of classroom teacher, migrant education teacher, Title I reading specialist, and literacy coach in kindergarten all the way up through 10th grade. Over the past 20 years, she has taught alongside thousands of teachers across Texas as a consultant sharing her practical and innovative ideas for helping students grow into successful readers, writers, and thinkers. Debbie’s passion is to simplify complex pieces as she teaches with clarity and intention.

Debbie has written six books for elementary teachers and created many accompanying videos with Stenhouse Publishers on literacy and math stations, small-group instruction, and setting up classroom spaces. Her most recent endeavor is the launch of online courses and a book summarizing all she’s learned about teaching children to be
independent—Growing Independent Learners.

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