About the Waymire Group

Amy Moore, Dr. Stephon Alexander and Lisa HindsOne-stop shopping for all your educational needs. The Waymire Group is your one-stop-shop for a high-quality selection of educational publishing materials.  We represent a wide variety of award-winning publishers whose products are designed to serve students and teachers in most instructional settings Pre-K through 12:  Summer School, RTI, Title 1, Special Ed, Bilingual, Dual Language, Content Literacy, Guided Reading, Shared Reading, Assessment, TAKS/STARR Materials, Professional Development, K-12 ELL/ESL Textbook Adoptions, etc.




The Waymire Group today is a family run business that is committed to customer service based on relationships, as well as excellent products from publishers who believe in what is best for students.  We are dedicated to giving you customer service that is relationship-driven and customer-focused.  Our top priorities are to assist you in making the best educational material decisions for your school district and to make the ordering process easier by providing on-location sampling – we come to you with samples and our educational knowledge to help you place your order.  We also offer immediate assistance when you have been told you have money that needs to be spent quickly.  We can help you create the order and get it shipped and invoiced overnight.

Helping teachers weave computational thinking into lessons ...


Once you have placed your order, we are there to help you track your order and to take care of any questions or concerns that should arise from your order.  We will manage your order from inception to delivery to ensure it arrives correctly and on time.


We offer teacher-oriented training and consulting services through many of our publishers.  We have a knowledgeable training staff with many years of teaching experience and expertise to help meet your training needs.  Please ask us how we can assist you.