How to Order Using Our Order Form


At The Waymire Group we pride ourselves in creating ways to simplify ordering to save you time and energy.  Using our electronic order forms is as fast and as easy as 1, 2, 3.  Our forms will calculate your shipping costs for you.  Don’t forget that this form does not take the place of your district’s ordering process and to include your Purchase Order number.  You may mail, fax, or email your order form directly to the publisher.  Each publishers’ information appears at the top of the order form.


1 Click here to download our order form.
2 Complete the form fields including your district and school name, shipping address, and contact information.  Complete each line item of your order to include quantity, item order number, description, and price.  Save the form with the information you entered.
3 Send in your order form.  You may either fax, email or mail your form directly to the publisher using the information at the bottom of the order form.



Benchmark Education Company

Fax:  877-732-8273




Fax: 877-231-6980



National Geographic – Cengage

Fax:  800-487-8488



Steps To Literacy

Fax: 866-560-8699